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100 Poses by SamusFairchild 100 Poses by SamusFairchild
:new: Click here for a gallery of all the deviations from people who were nice enough to tell me that they used these poses!

I know you love 'em, but I'm turning comments off. If you want to show your love, drop by my gallery. Yeah, I know. I'm a whore.

Common Questions:
-Can I use this as a reference?
--Yes, you can go ahead and use them for reference. Honestly, why else would I have done this? In the 2.5 years since I posted this, I think I've used about 2 poses for my own work :| Clearly, I didn't do it for me.

-Can I save this to my computer/print these for reference?
--Feel free to gank away and keep em for your own... just plz don't redistribute. I don't want to see them posted anywhere else, or I will have them taken down. I will not be offering either of these as a print anymore because its pointless.

-I've made awesome out of this piece! Now what?
--Two things: If you post it on the internets, please credit the reference with a link back to either my page or the deviation page. If you do use this as a reference, drop a comment here [link] letting me know what you did. I would love to see it!

-Is there more?
--Yes, you greedy bastard, there is more. Click here for the first 150 Poses

It was time for round two. Started it at about 17:30 today, posting at midnight. Paused enough for food, resting my poor hand, finishing up some work work, watching Ocelit haul coke around Liberty City, and driving home.

I'm not entirely sure there's no duplicates between this one and 150 Poses, mostly because I didn't care enough to check. For those of you without higher math skills, this makes 250 poses in the series, of which I'm sure a significantly smaller number will actually prove useless. Some of those poses are just.... weird. There might be another, there might not. I dunno.

I appreciate the love these are gettin, but come on, guys. I have a gallery too, you know :<

Love it.
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September 18, 2008
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