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January 17, 2008
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Queen of Thieves- Remastered by SamusFairchild Queen of Thieves- Remastered by SamusFairchild
^ The original submission.

Heres how the story goes. Once upon a time, both Ocelit and I grew quite irritated with how our deviations looked on DA when we submitted them. The original submission for Queen of Thieves kinda angered me... especially with how long I spent doing it. I wanted people to see it like I saw it.

And they weren't.

So, I went off and did a little bit of research as to why, oh why, this would happen- cuz gawd knows I wasn't the only person this was happening to.

I stopped into the FAQs page and found out that basically what was happening is that Photoshop was trying to add a color profile to all the images I exported. Since browsers don't display these profiles, the pics end up looking unsaturated and cooler (color temperature-wise), and generally like shit.

Keep in mind, this has been happening since I started submitting things, I just really started being bugged by it recentlly.

So, for all you others out there on Photoshop who are wondering why your stuff doesn't look nearly as nice after you submit it, heres what you do...
if you have a mac.
Cuz i don't know how to do it on a PC atm.

Open photoshop. On the top menu, go to Photoshop-> Color Settings. (or hit shift + cmd + K). Under "Settings," select "Color Management Off," and hit OK. You might want to take note of what your original setting was... just so you can go back if you need to.

Yeah. If you were working on something when you did this, it probably looks pretty crappy at this point. You can use adjustment layers to fix that....
or at least thats what I did.

So, yeah. I'm a complete noob to color management, since I think I managed to sleep thru the class they went over it in... >.> *saying things like that are not good for a professional career*

So, take a look at the original, take a look at this one. Tell me what you think. And if you wanna read the character stuff, read it there. I'm gunna start being lazy for the night.

Love it more than last time.
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the-journey Sep 5, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
What a great picture, there are so many stories here.

Nice one!
Glad you like it... it took me ages to finish >.<

the-journey Sep 6, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Well worth the effort I'd say.
LoneStranger Oct 27, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
This one looks interesting, and it actually gives me an idea as well.
LoneStranger Oct 28, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Have you had a chance to look through my gallery yet? Seen Sahlia?
I have.
That is a quite.. interesting character. You either have one generous DM or a very thorough understanding of "level adjustment." >.>
LoneStranger Oct 28, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Some of both actually, the idea I had (if you'd be up for it since I can't draw) would be to have the Queen of Thieves and Sahlia meet.

Think that could be interesting?
I get some of the weirdest requests from other gamers.
Could be interesting... depends on what you have in mind.
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