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September 4, 2008
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Profile: Lillyan Adisia- Boots by SamusFairchild Profile: Lillyan Adisia- Boots by SamusFairchild

Name: Lillyan Adisia (Boots)
Age: Apparent age: Early 20s. Actual age unknown.
Creature: Succubus
Height/ Weight: 5'4''/ 130 Lbs
Favorites: All that glitters
Occupation: Collector of rarities.
Hobbies: Appraisal, socializing
Dislikes: Being hungry, lack of aesthetically pleasing things
Storyline: Starfire
Main Connections: Trevieau (love interest), Oriana (protagonist), Ana (protagonist's mother), Krystal (historical protagonists), Savage (protagonist, seducee), and many more.
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Gorgeous! I have an incredible love for succubae, and this is a fantastic one indeed that tugs at my heartstrings in a way like no other! The outfit, those sexy boots, and that seductive smirk; splendid work! ^3^
Ah, thank you much ^.^

I'll admit, I've developed quite a fondness for succubi over the past couple of years, really starting when I created this character. Seems theres quite a few out there who share that fondness. :3
My pleasure ^_^

And yeah, there are people who do indeed share this fondness. You should totally draw more pics with succubae in the future :D
I'm working on it.
That and dragon girls. I've had this urge to draw them lately too. NO IDEA why.
VERY impressive. There's something about the combination of boots and wings... or maybe it's just the boots. Anyway, brilliant work!

I like to think its the combination...
Cuz I'd hate to think I spent all that time on the wings just so they could lose attention to the boots XD
*fave'd* ... The royal purple makes this succubus. (Exact shade of my alma mater, Northwestern {g}) Along with the glistening crystal on her wings and her come-hither invitation.

Where is the story you allude to? Is it yours? Was this an illustration?
Sir, are you comparing your alma mater to a succubus? XD

This is actually a character from... *thinks* three different storylines, I believe. She originated in a table top RPG I ran a couple years back based on a story I wrote while I was in high school. Since then, she kinda wormed her way into the related storylines because I ended up really liking her (like you do for a good villain.)

I don't have the written versions posted because... well, I ended up not really liking the writing styles they were in. In the galleries for each storyline, tho, there's a quick (and strikingly non-informative) summary of each plot... she is from "Starfire" and "Mage Complex."
Well, my alma mater did happen to su... erhm, demand a lot of money, way back when {long-flat-wallet rueful grin}

Villains are rarer in originality and harder to sustain in interest than heroes, methinks, from 25 years of being a fan of DC's Legion (30th/31st Centuries), which has a plethora of both.

You might be surprised at just how many would respond if you decided to polish up and post some of those story lines. Many are seeking inspiration for a good villainess, especially, with that often being a more difficult task of characterization.
You try to hard to make it out of schooling without feeling completely drained, then you keep on feeling it for the next 15-30 years as you try to get out of the hole you should have just buried yourself in. >.< (What's that, student loans come due AND economic depression? HOORAH!)


Alright. I've got a whole long vent about that "originality of villains" thing... But to spare you, it just boils down to the idea that if you don't just use them solely as a plot device, they become significantly more memorable. I also hate that belief that if they're a villain, they have to be unlikable- a belief that a lot of comic companies seem to cling.

As a general rule of thumb, I don't much like posting literature on here. I don't get a whole hell of a lot of feedback, and reading through a lot of my older things, I realize as that my style evolves, I start to loathe the older things. So god knows I wouldn't want it public. I really only post the things I'm really proud of- which isn't much. I don't mind being inspiration to others, but that's not really my method. >.>
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