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December 21, 2009
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Art Trade- EclairDuVerite by SamusFairchild Art Trade- EclairDuVerite by SamusFairchild

Okay, not really.

Here we go with an art trade for one :iconeclairduverite:. At her request, the lineart will be going into my scraps for those who wish to color- you know the rules on that, and if you don't heres a refresher:
You do not need to ask my permission to color lines posted in my scraps, but I must be notified and credited if you post them ANYWHERE. :iconeclairduverite: must be notified as well, as this is her character.

Anyway, this one took my just under one hectic month to finish, as for the most part, I only had 20 minutes here and there to work on it. I gotta say, I was pretty fond of the character design when I started this, but felt horribly compelled to make a few changes here and there. Lets just say that monochromatic is not in my style, so things were tinted, toned, and otherwise technicolored as I felt the desire. I think I still managed to stick pretty close to the original character design, but hey, this is what happens when you give an artist any form of artistic freedom.

So here you have it, :iconeclairduverite:'s Eclair, with a hint of Samus.

Eclair © :iconeclairduverite:
Art © Me

Love it... and oh yeah, download for full view.
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TeraMaster Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2010
I must say I'm not that impressed with the lineart. The coloring is much better imo. So the coloring being awesome, and the lineart mediocre (well, maybe it's just the style I don't like - well, anyway) the pic itself is kinda weird. Quality of coloring fights against the quality of lineart, creating chaos in the overall piece.

I'm just expressing my opinion. I do not intend to insult any of you two who did the collab. (is prepared to be flamed)
SamusFairchild Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2010
I don't flame honest critique... I do, however, pick it apart and see what could help my art.

And Rant. Sometimes I rant. To wit:
Seriously. The first guy bugged me, but now I've got 2 making the vagueity "I don't like your lineart." It kills me, because I have NO IDEA what's wrong with it to you guys, so I have no idea what to work on (legitimate or otherwise). I actually really appreciate people who have the gumption to tell me something more than "awesome" or whatever the fad-one-word-comment-of-the-moment is, but if it's negative, it has to be less vague. What don't you like about the lines? The color? The black? The cleanliness/lack there of? The shape? The ridiculously bold outside border of everything? The shapes that they make?

... (eh. At least I warned you)

I really do appreciate honest critique, but I just don't get why people think they're going to get flamed because of it (I do understand the fear, I just don't understand WHY its there...), especially when they don't come off as a pretentious prick. So thank you.
TeraMaster Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010
P.S. There could be something else: I think the fact the face lineart is more cartoonish than the coloring (which is not cartoonish at all) makes the chaos effect. What is cartoonish about the lineart? The face style; something you should not work on. It's your style, and you should stick to it, it's just that it doesn't match the realistic way of coloring in my eyes. (This is something I should work on as well, btw - matching the coloring style to the lineart style) Also, all lines have one and the same thickness degree, as far as i noticed. If you want to make it more advanced, try making the lines nearer to the light source thinner, while those in the shadows should be thicker. Hope that helps too.
TeraMaster Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010
Well, I took a better look at the pic, and the problem is, I think, anatomy. First of all, head and face anatomy. The eyes are too much apart, the area above forehead is too small (meaning, the skull looks flat on top, forgive me for the lack of any better words to describe it), and the chin might be too small as well, not sure about that though. Then, her left leg is too thin... in order to make it the same size as the other leg, it should be thicker. And the lines on the belly are not really appealing. That's all I can find right now.
And I think that's all, everything else is great. I hope you know what you should work on now, and I hope I could help with my critique.
SamusFairchild Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010

So, basically from what I get here (and your other reply...), your complaint isn't with the lineart itself, but the actual anatomy of the drawing, correct?
...I do have to point out that all the lines are not the same width. I'm pretty picky about how thickly I make some lines as compared to others, but one of the effects I recently started adding to lineart really downplays that. I do, however, ignore the light source when inking, and yeah, I know I shouldn't. I'm very well aware of the technique, but to be completely truthful, I usually don't decide on a light source until I start coloring.

You are very right to bring up the eye problem. For some unknown reason, I never seem to catch that the eyes are off until after a piece is finished. It has been a consistent problem of mine, and I think part of it boils down to the fact that, on the b/w lineart, they look perfectly fine to me, but once I get the depth (ie-shading) added, well, that's when the problem becomes highlighted. I kick myself a little bit every time it happens. As for the rest of the problems concerning the head, you're probably right about those as well. However, in attempting to develop a style of my own, there are certain areas of anatomy that I tend to draw as "what looks good, not what looks right (if that makes any sense)." The chin is among them. I have this aversion to drawing normal sized chins. I have no idea why, but they just look wrong to me.

However, I disagree about the legs. They are not supposed to appear the same size, as you are not seeing both legs from the same angle, and the right is foreshortened. Legs do not look the same from the top down as they do from the side, especially when one is kneeling. It might be a little off, and I will admit that there will be that in every single one of my drawings.

As for the belly, I hear both sides of the argument on that all the time. Some people like it, some don't. Are you specifically talking about the shape of the abdomen in general, or the lines that I use for definition?

Finally, I find myself unsure about what the difference between "cartoonish" and "realistic" would be when it comes to the coloring. Perhaps you could find me an example or two? (If you don't mind, or don't find this epically long response already tedious enough >.> ) There are a few aspects of my coloring technique I'm dissatisfied with and would love to see what kind of suggestions others would have for it.
TeraMaster Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010
Ok, well, I have nothing to add to your reply until the leg part. I might be wrong, but something still appears wrong to me. Look at it this way: compare the position of the knees. They are parallel - you can draw one horizontal line and both knees will be on it. The thing is, one knee is closer to us (the one of her left leg) and it should be a bit below the horizontal line pulled from the other knee. I hope that's understandable ^^;

About the belly, just the lines you use for definition. Nothing wrong with it, it just doesn't match my taste.

About cartoonish vs realistic, well, this is an example of a realistic coloring, and cartoonish would be the link I'll provide below. Now, I must say - well, the lips are very accented. They do not blend into the face color well. The trick is in just drawing the line where the two lips match, and just color the rest of lips without accenting them with the lineart. Like here. [link] (that's the link)
So as you can see, cartoonish coloring goes well with - well, cartoon characters. This includes anime style as well. Anime and cartoon characters in general look better if you apply cell shading rather than realistic shading. (Anime characters can and will still look great with realistic type of shading though.) On the other hand, realistic shading goes with more realistic characters, where one really has to watch out for the anatomy of anything - the eye size and position, the thickness of lineart (if there's lineart), the nose, the lips, the length of arms and legs, everything - also wings must follow rules of anatomy. When all these aspects are realistic on the lineart, this type of coloring matches it perfectly. But this type of lineart would look better with cell shading. That's all I have to say about it. Once again, it might simply be my personal preference, but I did observe these differences in general and I think this is teh case. Though, I am not 100% sure about this and don't want to make you sidetrack because of me, so I'll just warn you, I never actually tried cell shading and am not positive about what the result would be with it. I'm too afraid to try, because I'm also addicted to this realistic shading of anime characters. I just thought you are open to other people's opinions.
SamusFairchild Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010
Wow! I really appreciate you taking the time for these responses.

Don't have much in the way of response, other than that you've given me quite a bit to consider. Back to work for me.

Thanks again!
TeraMaster Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010
You're welcome, glad I could contribute. :)
Emmikins Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2009
Love nearly everything about this picture. It was the wings that sold this image to me, It is wonderful XxX
SamusFairchild Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
I gotta say I love it when people comment that they like the wings. It makes the work worth it ^.^
Thank you!
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