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Let's all take a moment to be grateful that Urban Dictionary isn't an illustrated dictionary.


Alaska is fucking amazing.
That is all.
Let's all take a moment to be grateful that Urban Dictionary isn't an illustrated dictionary.
Right Together
Sometimes, Salem doesn't sleep so well. I didn't really notice when we first started traveling together. She kind of kept to herself. She'd sometimes come in and check on me while I was working on...well, whatever it was I was working on, but that was about it. I guess it kinda took me a while to come out of my shell, and maybe she didn't feel right bothering me.

It wasn't until a while after we were together that I realized she tossed and turned at night a lot. I'd sometimes hear her when I was up late working, and it took me a while to investigate. I didn't want to wake her- I didn't know what she'd do.

One night, she fell asleep at the helm. She panicked when I woke her to go sleep in her own bed. It scared me, even though she apologized. We hadn't known each other for that long, so I didn't feel really comfortable asking what was going on. I guess I still haven't really asked. As we started getting more comfortable and... well... um... you know... I began to notice that she slept a lot more peacefully when I was there.

Sometimes, I still hear her when I stay up late working. I've gotten a lot better at sneaking into her bed. Ehrm... I don't know that's completely true. I bet I'm still really bad at it, but I think she just likes it. I do know she sleeps better.


Sirra and Salem are fucking adorable together. I don't know if any of this is true, but my headcanon says it is, and since this is 50% my OC, I'm running with it.

RPLobby is:

  • a laid-back place to shop for RP partners
  • a venue for people seeking to improve their RP skill and get honest feedback without a pile of judgment
  • a place to discuss RP culture, news, and pretty much anything else that strikes our fancy
  • open to networking for all kinds of role playing games, including but not limited to table-top (i.e.: dice based), forum, mmo, and the vidja sort.
  • somewhere to shamelessly whore your OC
  • a chatroom and a group!

Table of Contents (click the links to go directly to that section):

  • Chat Mechanics: Information about how chats in general work. If you have any questions about chat mechanics, formatting, and conventions, this is where you look. You can probably skim this section
  • Code of Conduct:These rules aren't that hard, and if you're in general a decent person, you shouldn't have any problems here. This is all probably stuff you've read before.
  • RPLobby Culture and How to Join: General tips on how to go about getting what you're looking for, and the all-important instructions on how to join the room.
  • Class Descriptions: Pretty self-explanatory, don't you think?

If, by the end of this document, you haven't figured out how to join #RPLobby, re-read it top to bottom. Just about everything you need to know is in here. If you've read it a second, third, or fourth time and still don't get it, you might want to consider joining a different room. If you're still determined to get in, try noting a mod. They may or may not help you.

Chat Mechanics

There are a limited number of formatting options available for you to use in your posts. DeviantART has a helpful guide here, but below is a quick guide. Use them as follows:
Bold: <b>You message here</b> Looks like: Your message here
Italics: <i>You message here</i> Looks like: Your message here
Underline: <u>You message here</u> Looks like: Your message here
Strikeout: <strike>You message here</strike> Looks like: Your message here
Superscript: <sup>You message here</sup> Looks like: Your message here
Subscript: <sub>You message here</sub> Looks like: Your message here

Other helpful things:

  • Tabbing: Tabbing notifies the person that you're taking to by highilghting your message on their screen. To 'tab' someone, type the first few letters of their name, then press tab until their full name shows.
  • Thumbnails: If you go to an deviation page and scroll down to where it says "Details" on the right hand side, you will see a field labeled "Thumb." Copy and paste that code into chat to post a thumbnail of that deviation.
  • Joining and leaving rooms: type /join ROOMNAME to join a new room. You will most often use this when you've found a RP partner and need to move to a private room to discuss your RP. To leave a specific room without leaving all the rooms you're in, you can either type /part in that room, or click on the 'x' in the chat tab for that room.
  • Private RP rooms: go to to create a new private room. Give your partner the name of your room so they can /join it. If you don't want your room to be listed in the chatroom list, click "chatroom settings" once your room is created, then tick the box for 'Unlisted Chatroom."
  • Chat Extensions: I recommend either Superdamn or TheBundle for your chat room enjoyment. The offer bunches of extra options that makes chatting much easier. Click the links for more information.

Code of Conduct

  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. If a mod tells you to knock it off, knock it off.
  3. Try to be generally respectful of people, especially mods. Corollary: Don't be a pedantic asshole.
  4. No cyberbullying, trolling, or otherwise parading around as flame bait.
  5. Keep outside drama out of this chat. On second thought, try to keep all drama out of the chat. I know we all won't always get along and agree with everything that everyone says, but when you're in the process of not agreeing with someone, at least keep a modicum of decorum and do it with some level of respect.
  6. Whereas I do expect you to be at least somewhat respectful, feel free to swear, curse, and use otherwise colorful language. We fucking love swearing, and we'll be fucked if we say you can't do it, too.
  7. Of course, you have to abide by DeviantART Chat Rules and other such rules that allow us to operate on this website. If you're found in violation, you will be banned. Period.
  8. Things that will likely get you kicked (not a comprehensive list, but you should get the picture): Spamming. Not listening to the mods. Excessive use of ridiculous amounts of text formatting, caps, or other obnoxious pleas for attention. Hissy fits. Sexually themed roleplay requests. Being a dick for no reason whatsoever. Treading on sensitive topics after you've been asked to stop my a mod OR member (I'm not going to censor you, but at least try to be a little respectful. If you can't muster that, gtfo.)
  9. Things that will likely get you banned (again, not a comprehensive list, but you should get the picture): Outright and maliciously insulting mods or other members of the chat. Being a condescending prick. Habitually not listening to the mods. Flame-baiting.

RPLobby Culture and How to Join

Go ahead and RP in the Lobby. We're cool with that, so long as you're not clogging up our tubes with textwalls. If you're going to get serious, though, we ask that you take it to a private chat room. If you're confused about that, you probably skipped the first part of these rules. Go back and read 'em.

Regarding RPLobby culture: If you've read the rules so far, you can probably tell how you're expected to act. Really, I'm not picky. I assume you're all adult enough to work out your own problems and deal with those occasions where you're offended (which I can nearly guarantee at one point or another you will be) in a reasonable manner. I don't care if you get in arguments. It happens. People disagree, people have bad days, and I'm sure there's myriad other excuses. I don't care. Figure it out, move on, and do your best to keep unnecessary drama out of the room.

Regarding RP Requests:

  • Required: No more than one RP request post every 15 minutes.
  • Required: Bold your RP request to get more notice (see above on how to bold, but seriously, if you don't know by now, you haven't really read the rules now have you?)
  • Optional: Include a brief mention of any requirements you might have, including (but not limited to) writing level, length of post, genre, and post style.
  • Optional: Include any information on plot or characters that you feel like giving.

Regarding in-room RP: We don't see the whole lot of "OC Name: OC Action" script type posting. If you attempt to engage in this manner, don't be surprised if people ignore you.

You will probably immediately notice that you can't speak upon joining the chat for the first time. This is intentional. See, all I want you to do is read and understand the rules, and since we're not doing silly things like requiring character sheets to be approved and the like, I need something to let me know that you did.

Now, I've modded in those rooms with passphrases and the like, and they honestly make me want to pull my hair out, so I've concocted a different test that should make sure you know how to read. By joining the room, you verify that you've read the rules and agree to the terms within. To join the room, simply do the following:

  1. When you're done reading the rules, type the following into chat to promote yourself to a class in which you can speak (case sensitive): /promote [your username]
    Example: my username is SamusFairchild, so I would type: /promote SamusFairchild
  2. Once you've promoted yourself, tab a mod (see Chat Mechanics for how to tab) and let them know what class you'd like to be placed in.

Class Explanations

Roleplaying Classes: These are the classes you should care about, because they're going to help you find RP. These are not permanent- you can change by just asking TheCapn or TheMods. Just pick the one you feel most comfortable with or the one you feel has the best chance of getting you what you want.

  • FirstTimers: You haven't roleplayed much if any, and you're not entirely sure about all the conventions or how to go about this whole thing.
  • Beginner: You have a decent idea of what the basic RP conventions are, and you're looking to improve your character and storytelling skills.
  • Intermediate: You have a good idea of how to tell stories, and your characters are fairly well developed or you're excellent at improvising. You know what god-modding is (any of the myriad definitions), most likely because you've done it before...but you know better now, really! You're comfortable with your skill and you have some decent experience, but you probably have some room for improvement.
  • Advanced: You've been at this for a long time. You have excellent grammar and know how to do more than just character interaction- you know how to weave a story from many threads.
  • JustWingIt: You don't want to have a longwinded discussion about character and plot, you just want to dive in and see what happens.
  • CharacterTesters: Sometimes, you just like to throw character ideas at walls and see what sticks. You're not really interested in delving into some deep, developed plot or world, you're far more interested in the character.
  • StoryDriven: You can't really get into RP without some decent plot running in the background. The story is more important to you than just basic character interaction.
  • WorldBuilders: If you can't get into the setting, you just can't get into the RP. You find your inspiration from the world, and plot tends to follow.
  • Zen: You're looking for a balance between developed characters, engaging worlds, and engrossing plot. You prefer RP partners to RP leaders or RP followers.
  • ChatAddict: You're not really here to roleplay, you're just here to chat.

Bookkeeping Classes: In general, you can't request to join these classes. They're just here for organization.

  • TheCapn: This is my class. No, you may not join this class because I am an anti-social, power hungry bitch.
  • TheMods: These are people who help me administrate the room. No, you can't have this class either. Don't ask.
  • ThePsuedoMods: These are mods, but they're just new at it. You still have to listen to them.
  • TheAI: These are bots. They're here to help the nublets figure out how to join the room. If you can pass the turing test, don't ask to join this class.
  • TheRuleReaders: This is where you go once you've read the rules and promoted yourself, but before a mod has sorted you into a roleplaying class.
  • TheNublets: This is for the newest members of the room who have not read the rules and promoted themselves yet. Bet you want to get out of this class, don't you? You should know what to do by now.
  • TheJackasses: For people who are being...well, jackasses. It's thin ice at the bottom of this class. You can either try to make your way back to solid land by being a reasonable human being, or continue being a jackass until the banhammer just breaks through the ice for you.
  • TheBanned: Nope. We're done. Go away. If you feel like you've been placed in this class unfairly, you may appeal to TheCapn, but I highly recommend making sure you have a solid argument before you bug her.


Pick a genre, preferably your favorite (no... I'm not biased at all) 

8 deviants said Science Fiction- It might not be true, but it's probably going to be one day
5 deviants said High Fantasy- Elves, fairies, swords and sorcery
3 deviants said Some hybrid- Guns and magic! Horror clowns! Victorian robots! (Toss me a comment with the combination, eh?)
2 deviants said Horror- Real horror. Crawls-up-your-spine-but-there's-nothing-there horror
2 deviants said Other (feel free to comment on one of the millions I did not include)
1 deviant said "Horror"- Watch me mangle this. Scary, isn't it?
1 deviant said Romance- Cecil x Carlos forever
1 deviant said Historical Fiction- Vaguely based on reality, but more entertaining than reality
1 deviant said Slice of Life- See above, except the "entertaining" part may be open to debate.
1 deviant said Epics- Heros and legends!

Dear All My Watchers

• To all my new watchers, thanks so much for the watch. I hope I don't disappoint :D

• To everyone who recently fav'd my stuff, you're awesome and I appreciate it, and a llama badge is on its way to you. Llama = <3

• To the people who regularly fav my stuff (like, everything I submit >.> You know who you are), since I'm not much one for hugs myself, I send to you hug bunny!
Bunneh Wants to Give a Hug by renekotte

• To everyone who fav's those damn pose pictures...

If any of ya want me to take a peer into your gallery and maybe make a constructive comment or two, just drop me a line and I'll be sure to check it out! I'm also looking for a new person to feature, so if you have any suggestions, do let me know!


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